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People are sometimes surprised or disappointed by my interest in war literature. It's gruesome and depressing; why would I want to study stuff like that? Maybe because then I already know about stuff like these "routine atrocities" reported by The Nation and can try to prevent it happening again.

Bad Pet Humor


What might erupt in your face if you jiggle or upset it?


Dinah might!

(OK, I know that's a terrible pun, but really, I couldn't resist.)

The Big Blue Bathtub


During my recent visit to Toronto (the one that afforded the opportunity to meet Dale), I stayed at a really lovely b&b near High Park. The hostess had agreed to give me a room with a private bathroom, and when I arrived, she said she had two rooms available, one with a shower and one with a bathtub, and asked if I had a preference for baths or showers. I said, "Actually, I prefer baths," because I do. So she showed me to a room that included this, immediately to your left upon entirely the main room:

It was huge! It dominated the room. If you liked bathing with an audience, it could be cool, because there were two ways you could be seen: someone could just lie in bed and watch you take a bath, or someone could stand in the hall and have quite a good view.


That door you see a bit of to the left is the door out into the hall. There were no locks on the doors, and the latches weren't entirely tight--the door sometimes blew open if another door in the house was shut forcibly. So I had to prop a chair against the door to ensure that it wouldn't blow open while I was sitting in the tub.

If I ever stay there again--and it really was a lovely place, so I wouldn't rule that out--I'll take the room with the shower.

I don't always check my blog stats--I'll go weeks without even looking at them, and one reason is because the searches that lead people to my blog often distress me, as in the current batch:

was i date raped?
filipina women put fish in their vaginas
sorry for date raping you
existential dread
what is existential dread
frigid mormon women

The filipina women one really freaks me out.... but whatever. I don't want details.

In Case You Have or Are Interested in Breasts


Over the weekend I read A History of the Breast by Marilyn Yalom, which should be required reading for anyone with breasts or an interest in them, which I realize doesn't cover everyone but covers a lot of people. The book was fascinating, and full of memorable illustrations and photos, including a set depicting a "Bosom Ballet." It told me many things I'd never considered which were obvious once they were pointed out to me, like the significance of the name for the kind of animal we are: mammalia, coined by 18th-century Swedish physician Carolus Linnaeus, comes from the Latin term mammae (milk-secreting organs) and literally means "of the breast." So as a group, warm-blooded animals with a four-chambered heart are named for an attribute only half of them share: the ability to produce milk for suckling their young.

It also answered a question I'd been wondering about lately: Why is that galaxy up in the sky most of us can't see any more because our night skies are so marred by light pollution, called "the Milky Way"? Why is it considered milky? Why not "the Sparkly Belt"? Why not a lot of things?

Well. Turns out we have Greek mythology to thank for the name. Yalom states,

O Canada


Today is Canada Day, which has nothing to do with me, aside from the fact that I like Canada, but then, I like a lot of countries, and I don't always know when their nationalistic holidays are. And it's not like I'm going to display a maple leaf today, or find a hockey game to watch. I like to celebrate Canada Day quietly, in my heart.


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